Over the past few years, we’ve seen a massive increase in wellness, and using crystals has become a trendy way to practice self-care.

Each crystal channels specific energy to help you become your best self by either protecting you from bad vibes or bringing you positive energy.

There are an immense amount of crystals to choose from, and if you’re a beginner to healing crystals, it can be overwhelming.

Here is a list of 10 crystals that can help you channel your best energy to help narrow it down!

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is one of the most commonly known crystals and for good reason. This crystal can help bring you good luck, protection in times of conflict, harmony, and balance. It’s great to use as a source of protection from bad energy.


Amethyst is a beautiful crystal and is associated with your third eye chakra. This stone aids in finding inner peace within ourselves as well as inner wisdom. Amethyst is a beautiful crystal to help you relax while providing uplifting energy, heightened intuition, and inspiration if you suffer from anxiety.


Onyx is a great crystal if you’re ready to reach and achieve all your goals. This stone helps with finding confidence within ourselves while protecting you from envious energy.


Howlite is associated with this crown chakra and can help calm you in times of stress. This stone calls upon the divine energy found in the universe to help reduce stress and radiates relaxing energy around you.

Rose Quartz

If you’re looking for unconditional love from another or from yourself, Rose Quartz is your crystal. Rose Quartz encourages romance and our ability to love.


If you find yourself getting tongue-tied often, Aquamarine is the perfect crystal for you! Associated with the throat chakra, Aquamarine helps enhance our communication skills especially in times of conflict. It allows us to clearly express our needs in difficult situations while providing protection through clarity in our own thoughts.


Hematite is a great crystal for protection and stability. If you want to protect yourself from negative energies and bad vibes, this beautiful, black crystal will be perfect for you.


Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal and helps you achieve your goals and aspirations. This stone will help you radiate happiness and dispel negative thoughts.


This crystal is nicknamed, “The Genius Stone”. If you find yourself in a creative rut, this stone would be great for you. It helps with inspiration, creativity, clarity, and decision making.


Jade is a well-known stone and for good reason! This crystal will help you with good fortune, invite good health, and strength.


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